Who we are:

Trigames.NET is a videogame website that was conceived in 2001 out of a combination of three things: passion for videogames and the videogame industry, immense boredom, and an excellent excuse to play more videogames. Trigames.NET saw its truly official launch on September 20th of 2002.

Trigames.NET started as a hobby site and fun endeavor, taking a light-hearted and decidedly fan-based approach to game reviewing and discussion. Over the years, Trigames.NET has strived to meet higher writing standards while maintaining its roots as a labor of love, in order to bring you authentic and entertaining content straight from our hearts and minds.

We’ll talk about anything from classic retro-games to today’s high-definition offerings. Our features and editorials vary from ranty, fanboyish crazy-man rantings, to reflective pieces on the current state of the videogame industry and its many intricacies, to the Trigames.NET Podcast – where crewmembers and guests all hang loose. Very loose. Excruciatingly loose.

The internet is full of outlets for videogame journalism and media; Trigames.NET recognizes this. Instead of competing with them, Trigames.NET aims to be another partner in the growing videogame network; to provide more information, more insight, and more angles with regards to the industry that we all know and love.

Trigames.NET encourages those out there with a passion for games and the ability to write to contribute to the cause of videogame journalism. In addition to our staff, Trigames.NET has a stable of incredibly gifted contributors providing well-written reviews and editorials. We are thrilled and grateful to have such a wonderful group of contributors and only hope that it grows larger. If you’ve got something to say, have what it takes, and are interested in contributing to Trigames.NET’s growing collection of pieces, don’t hesitate to drop us an e-mail.

Thanks for visiting Trigames.NET – in games we trust.

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