The AnTiPoDe

It all started on Dec. 25, 1985 – the day that I first laid eyes on a Nintendo Entertainment System, fully equipped with R.O.B., a Zapper, Gyromite and Duck Hunt. If a wiseguy with a Replayola (Jetsons, anyone?) went back in time and deleted that day, who knows what kind of person i’d be today. It actually started way before that day, but for reference’s sake, I’ll just use that.

I’ve been through a lot through the years – the rise of Mario and the NES, “Genesis does,” the FLOP era (3DO, TG16, CDi, 32X/SegaCD), SNES vs. Genesis, the bit wars and the world domination of the Playstation (*pout*). Of course, this current (or may now be considered past) generation of consoles deserves mentioning. Anyway, I’ve played loads of games, owned lots of ‘em at one point in time, and throughout my childhood i’ve always wanted to make my own games. I’ve even spent a few years testing games for a now-defunct game publisher/developer as a result of my love for the creation process. I’ve been to E3 (2004, still have the exhibitor pass…) and have also met various online and print media journalists in my time, although i’m sure none of them remember me (ha!).

I’ve got a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science (which I have YET to use effectively) and i’m thinking about upgrading that badboy to a Master’s someday. Hopefully I can still live my childhood dream of making games someday. but for now, I’ll just be happily learning from games that are being released faster than I can finish them. I’ve also fallen victim to the MMORPG, having had long stints on City of Heroes, Final Fantasy XI, and Guild Wars. I’m currently playing World of Warcraft, and when I can’t do that I try to play something on my DS or GC.

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