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Android Jelly Bean: Usable on the Droid Bionic

Last week, I wrote about how my summer ROM flashing adventures breathed new life into my Droid Bionic, a phone that has gotten a “raw deal”–as admitted, word for word, by Motorola Mobility’s VP for product management, Punit Soni. As I

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Coffee Ramble.

Al and Austin typically email about random games, tech, and their respective daily news topics as a morning ritual for sanity’s sake. Here’s their vomit for November 16th, 2012 (reverse chronological order).

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Motorola Lapdock (for Droid BIONIC)

One of the features touted for Motorola Android phones that were released between Fall 2011 and mid-2012–the Droid Bionic and the Droid Razr iterations–was Webtop, software which allowed for the phone to run in a barebones “Desktop” mode when connected

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My DROID Bionic: A New Lease on Life

The technology upgrade circus is an expensive assault on the mind that exploits one’s hunger for more, one’s mentality that even though–as wise sage Louis CK says–things are actually pretty awesome in reality, nothing seems good enough for us. We

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Final Fantasy VI – SNES Review

It’s difficult to pinpoint one defining aspect that makes Final Fantasy III (known as Final Fantasy VI when not plugged into Super NES consoles) stand out among most other Japanese role-playing games. Perhaps it’s this lack of a single defining

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Deus Ex – Windows PC Review

It wouldn’t be entirely appropriate to call Deus Ex purely a first-person shooter, any more than it would be to call it purely a role-playing game or a stealth game. The truth is that Deus Ex is a little bit

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Chrono Trigger – SNES Review

The concept of time travel in entertainment is often executed either with so much camp that it gets a wee bit ridiculous and cheesy, or with enough in-depth discussion and metaphorical clues that you couldn’t wrap your head around the

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Kirby Canvas Curse – Nintendo DS Review (by MrCHUPON)

The Nintendo DS suffered through a lot of mediocrity in the first six months of its life, a situation exacerbated by Nintendo’s claims of brand new experiences thanks to its unique combination of features. The few solid releases that existed

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Retro Game Challenge – Nintendo DS Review

The days of 8-bit gaming are reminders of where we came from; simpler, sometimes brutal game design; and terrible localization. Games may have advanced in the last two decades, but for some of us, sometimes nothing hits the spot better

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