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Games I’ll Never Play Again: Chrono Trigger

GINPA is a recurring column in which the author discusses a single-player game he views favorably, but has no desire to ever re-play after finishing it. Back in 1995 I owned Chrono Trigger for the Super NES and played the

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Kirby Canvas Curse – Nintendo DS Review (by MrCHUPON)

The Nintendo DS suffered through a lot of mediocrity in the first six months of its life, a situation exacerbated by Nintendo’s claims of brand new experiences thanks to its unique combination of features. The few solid releases that existed

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Retro Game Challenge – Nintendo DS Review

The days of 8-bit gaming are reminders of where we came from; simpler, sometimes brutal game design; and terrible localization. Games may have advanced in the last two decades, but for some of us, sometimes nothing hits the spot better

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