What I Played Last – “Home” – 2013-05-17, 19:45

In an attempt to provide more content while also helping myself remember just where the hell I am in the various games I play and may put down… I present to you, What I Played Last. Spoilers within, although I try to make things as vague as possible.

I the indie horror title, Home, for about 20 minutes. It’s a pixelly side-scrolling horror adventure game that has you waking up mysteriously in this run-down house, with a dank, isolated facility underneath it. Not unlike what you might have seen out of the Resident Evil series. When windowed, it barely takes up 1/8th of my total screen real estate (1920×1080); in full screen, it looks blocky.

But, holy jeebus, it made my heart skip a beat three times already. And all of them were due to inconsequential scares: the sound of a door slamming in the distance; the screech of bats whizzing harmlessly by my head; and a surprise burst of steam escaping from a pipe.

I’ve found a few weapons, discovered a skeleton and a dead body, and seen footage I wasn’t supposed to see. The developer says the game should be about 90 minutes long, and I regret that I can’t play this in one sitting. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick this back up tomorrow and see what other terrors lie in wait for me.

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