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What I Played Last – “Home” – 2013-05-17, 19:45

In an attempt to provide more content while also helping myself remember just where the hell I am in the various games I play and may put down… I present to you, What I Played Last. Spoilers within, although I

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[VIDEO] Trigames Tries: Jamestown

Let’s play Jamestown! Let’s get shot down by Martian colonials time and time again!

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[VIDEO] Quick n’ Dirty: Worms Crazy Golf

Oh it’s CrAaAaZy all right. Also, it’s golf. With worms.

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The SanDisk Clip Zip and Rock Box Firmware

I don’t know what the market is like for dedicated MP3 players, but I’m still a fan of them. Where everyone else wants to collapse the several needs in their lives into one device, music playback is still one that

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[VIDEO] Quick n’ Dirty: Parasite Eve

The main portable game I was playing for the last few weeks was Parasite Eve, originally release for the Playstation in 1998 by Square Soft. Billed as a “cinematic RPG”, it really focused on atmosphere, despite boasting an intriguing battle

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The Convertible Tablet PC – Where I Want It To Be

A few weeks ago, I purchased the keyboard dock for my ASUS Transformer TF300T Android tablet, an accessory that provides a full keyboard; an extra battery; and an extra SD card slot. Best Buy had this on sale for $50,

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(Retro) Review: Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII was a landmark moment for role-playing games. Its cinematic presentation garnered a lot of newfound interest in the genre, particularly here in the States, even if some of those newcomers left just as quickly on account of,

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PC’s in the Living Room: Where Are We Today?

Seven years ago, I put together a noob-tastic piece detailing how one could get solid PC gaming performance for the price of a Playstation 2. I employed a set of rules designed to isolate the comparison to just gaming performance,

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Games I’ll Never Play Again: Final Fantasy VII

GINPA is a recurring column in which the author discusses a single-player game he views favorably, but has no desire to ever re-play after finishing it. In November of 2012, I saw the storyline of Final Fantasy VII from beginning

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[VIDEO] Video Coffee Ramble: The Vita and its Vagrant Stories

I was bored. So I put together a shitty little video that takes a brief look at what PSone games–Vagrant Story in particular–look like on a Playstation Vita, and compared it to how it runs on a PSP. Hint: Not

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